It was a big year!

December 31, 2018 we celebrate 10 years. Look at what we have accomplished!



Students Educated 2009-2018


Manos Unidas is changing the way the Peruvian community views disability

  • We empower families
  • We train teachers
  • We educate students to their fullest potential
 community Members impacted by  each student 

EACH student educated at Manos Unidas . . .

  • Teachers siblings to advocate for their family
  • Educates third generation family members 
  • Educates schools through awareness workshops
  • Educates the community through job placements
  • Provides extensive professional development opportunities to MU staff and community partners


10 years: 2009-2018 


  • Provided professional training to more than 70 teachers to best educate children with disabilities
  • Empowered 500 family members to advocate for their children
  • Launched the first vocational training program with youth inserted into local businesses
  • Influenced the Peruvian Ministry of Education for best practices of Inclusive Education
  • Hosted international conferences with global professionals attracting more than 700 attendees
  • Awarded “best inclusive business 2018” for our youth-run café in the Cusco city center



1/59 children around the world have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. (Center for Disease Control, 2018)


Only 4% of the children with disabilities in the region of Cusco are receiving an education


of children with disabilities receiving an education in Peru
attend segregated schools  

Professional higher education degrees for special education  exist for teachers in Peru

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