The staff at the Camino Nuevo school in Cusco, Peru are hard at work ensuring this school year, which began in March, addresses the ongoing challenges of the pandemic. The Cusco area has been strongly impacted by the pandemic, making it impossible to return fully to in-person classes. However, this has not deterred our director, Mercedes, and the teaching staff from finding the best ways to meet their students’ needs.

At the beginning of this year, Mercedes conducted multiple surveys and assessments to understand how parents were coping with homeschooling. Based on the results, she implemented one-on-one home visits to help parents struggling with class material, incorporated more movement and dynamic activities to benefit students still stuck at home, and was able to start having in-person classes with some students on an alternating three-day schedule. All of these adjustments have paid off and made this school year a lot smoother, with parents reporting that they feel more equipped and supported as they work with their children.

There are still a lot of uncertainties in Peru, but the teachers and director at Camino Nuevo have proven that they have the creativity and flexibility needed to adapt.

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