Year End Appeal Celebrates 10 Years at Manos Unidas

MUP Co-Founder, Celeste Marion, reflects on 10 years of work in the trenches . . . and where we are now Can you believe 10 years have gone by since we opened our doors here in Cusco? More than 165 students have been directly educated over the years, more than 50...

Volunteer Intern Experience: Alecia Harris

"My experience here has been life-changing. I have learned to be patient with myself and others as I was embraced by a new culture and language, and my compassion and understand have grown immeasurably. This is an experience I recommend to anyone interested in working...

MU Youth Working in Hip Tourist Cafe in Cusco

March of 2016 the first local business in Cusco receive two of our youth for job practicum placements. Now, almost two years later, we work with three local business. Six of our students are currently practicing job skills in the community! The latest business to...

UW Physical Therapy Students Volunteer with Manos Unidas

In September, Manos Unidas welcomed University of Washington Doctorate of Physical Therapy students for the 4th consecutive year. GROW, the student chapter of the university's global rehabilitation department, once again impressed. Four second -year doctorate of PT...


Our Promise:

To provide quality, affordable education to ALL families regardless of their ability to pay

Manos Unidas International is 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization based in the state of Washington. All donations made to Manos Unidas are tax-deductible. EIN: 46-4760746


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