The Bungie Foundation of Bellevue, WA has a heart for Autism.


This year the foundation has granted its first award to improve the quality of education for children with autism outside of the United States – and it has gone to Manos Unidas!

The foundation will be exclusively supporting our Autism Education Program and our new partnership with Alcanzando (Lima, Peru). Through this grant, Manos Unidas teachers have initiated a 2 year intensive course to receive an Autism Education Diploma in Applied Behavior Analysis directed by Dr. Mapy Chavez (Lima/New York/Spain).

Dr. Chavez Askins has a doctorate degree from Columbia University (New York) in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Education of Children on the Autism Spectrum. Dr. Chavez has more than 20 years of experience working with autism, more than 30 publications and has led hundreds of presentations and conferences in the United States, Europe and Latin America on appropriate and effective intervention strategies for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

14 Manos Unidas staff members and 18 MU students on the autism spectrum will be participating in this two year intensive course.

Upon completion of the program, Manos Unidas will be the only organization, along with Alcanzando, to have ABA trained teachers in the entire country of Peru!



Mapy Chavez and MU team, first workshop series










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