Manos Unidas has opened its Cafe Daria smack dab in the middle of Cusco city. Daria is the first job training site for young adults with special needs in Cusco, Peru, an extension project for the students of Phawarispa, MU’s vocational training program.

Cafe Daria  opened the doors on April 2 with a starter grant from the GO campaign foundation and ran a virtual fundraising campaign in May to raise additional funds to support start up costs and program operations for Phawarispa. The campaign successfully raised $25,840!

Cafe Daria is now a window to the world. It demonstrates to the Cusquenan community that employment of youth with special needs is possible and gives locals a positive opportunity to interact with people with disabilities in a community where most children and youth are hidden behind closed doors.

Cafe Daria also works to educate tourists on disability issue in Peru, gives them direct contact with the youth and gives Manos Unidas greater visibility to the international community for extended program and financial support.

The Cafe has (yet) to by profitable (as of June 30,2018) but since we have opened the doors we have received a foundation grant from Exodus travel foundation, been visited by an Argentine neaurologist and even had a couple teach karate classes at school!

The work is great but the benefit for the students and youth, whom most is their first job experience, is greater.

If you are in Cusco, VISIT US! Calle Inca Roca 106 in Cusco historic center, just behind the 12 angled stone.

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