Through the generosity of our community we raised $15,500 for our 2020 Spring Campaign- Critical Support for Children with Disabilities in Peru. The monies raised from our campaign will be used to support Manos Unidas Peru teachers in producing and delivering our programs virtually. At this time, we do not know what our programs will evolve into but are determined to continue working hard at providing children with disabilities in Peru tools and access to programs that help them learn, grow and become independent citizens. 

The change to delivering our programs virtually meant a decrease in need for classroom aids. This added to the diminishing capacity of MUP parents to pay tuition because of economic hardship and has resulted in some changes at MUP, namely culling our staff down by 40% and reducing salaries by 30% for those who remain.  However, we remain steadfast in supporting our staff so that they can continue providing our services to our children and families. To help us, please consider becoming a monthly sponsor.  

Thank you to all our supporters and generous donors who have encouraged us to carry on doing the work that we do. 

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