The COVID-19 crisis has been especially challenging for the children and families of Manos Unidas Peru, denying them daily access to the education we provide. Moreover, now at 45 days into Peru’s  lockdown, our children and youth are facing larger scale human rights and social injustices.

While families are facing desperate times, 71 Manos Unidas students are experiencing high levels of anxiety unable to understand the current situation. Unable to leave their homes, most small infrastructures packed with multiple family members and many left unattended to day and night. This stressful environment paired with desperation is causing children to be neglected of basic physiological, physical, social, and emotional needs.

Children’s inappropriate behaviors are increasing, leading to increased emotional and physical stress. Our students with severe physical disabilities are experiencing muscle contractions, deformations, and weakness. Many of our young girls have increased risk of sexual abuse, which can create life-long impact on their mental health.


Manos Unidas has been forced to reduce staff by 70% and but there is a dedicated core of seasoned teachers using all forms of communication and creativity to bring support to our families.  We are determined to reach our students amid all obstacles. And we need your help!

We have launched a virtual fundraiser to raise $50,000. Can you chip in?


The funds will support the remaining core of (7) MUP teachers working with groups of families on an individual basis—free of charge. We have pivoted our program focus and launched a revised curriculum: “Positive Strategies for Family Inclusion of children and youth with Disabilities.”

At these times of crisis, we must step forward with confidence and use our skills and knowledge to protect our children and promote learning environments within the home.

Please join us today. Donate or Create a fundraiser on our peer page.

With your help we can change the trajectory of the lives of children and youth with disabilities in Peru.


Celeste Marion
Founder/Executive Director
Manos Unidas International

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