Susie Nancify and Children  June, 2017 

(1 week immersion)

Susie set off to South America to give her children (ages 10, 9 and 7) a 3 week cultural immersion experience in Peru. She endured travelling alone with her children in a developing country (only accompanied by her husband for a week of tourism). Susie incorporated a week of volunteering at Manos Unidas as well as another rural school in the area. The kids spent most of their time in Camino Nuevo’s preschool classroom. She and her family experienced life with a local Peruvian family, local bus travel, a few sicknesses here and there and hiking the Inca Trail! My hats off to his woman for her courage, endurance and determination to show her children a different side of life.

“Volunteering at Manos Unidas was such a genuinely rewarding experience for myself and my three kids (ages 10, 9 and 7). My kids bonded with the children at MU beyond language and understanding. Something especially memorable was when one of the early learners, Jhon, took my son’s hand and requested he walk him up to the gate where Jhon’s father was waiting to pick him up after school. He wanted my son to come home with him. These are memories my family will remember forever – we hope to return to Manos Unidas one day, their work is truly incredible” — Susie Nancify, Bellevue, WA

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