We are the first and only cafe run by students with disabilities in the entire region of Cusco…and as far as we know, Peru!

Our youth at Phawarispa are preparing cakes, sandwiches, juices and  cafes, serving the public, cleaning tables, washing dishes and managing money. Of course our teachers are supporting this learning process, but our goal is for the cafe to be 100% run by students. The cafe, our very own formal dining room,  is now open every Friday from 10am-1pm and inviting friends and family. Our big inauguration to the public was in June. We have received several grants this year to better implement the cafe, make proper uniforms for the students and better serve the community. Our guests include friends from other DPO’s, NGO’s, churches and the best yet…. local high school student groups. The cafe is aimed to prepare our students with adequate skills for successful job inclusion as well as create awareness in Cusco, to show a community that our students are able to work!

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