Phawarispa, our young adult program, is making green thumbs out of our students. The 7,500 sq ft garden is producing everything from roses and sunflowers to lettuce, onions and corn. The students work in the garden on a daily basis learning to identify medicinal herbs and plants, watering the flowers, planting seeds and harvesting vegetables.

The goal of the garden is to produce fresh produce that 1) can be sold to our students families to encourage healthy diets and 2) be used to prepare the daily lunch and 3) be sold to hotels in the community.

Phawarispa is in the process of creating partnerships with hotels in the community where are students can eventually work. In the meantime, the hotels will be used as real training sites for our housekeeping module, purchase products from our garden to serve in their cafes/restaurants and hopefully promote our project to its guests.

The Phawarispa house has a large dining room that is being used as a cafe and restaurant for guests. The cafe has been opened to the public several times hosting “Casa Abierta” or “Open House” where our students attend to the public. The goal is through the hotel partnerships, their guests may be interested in a visit to the center where they can either drink an herbal tea from our garden or eat a 3 course meal served by our students.

In the meantime, our students get to experience a touch of nature, healthy living and even get their hands dirty at school.

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