March of 2016 the first local business in Cusco receive two of our youth for job practicum placements. Now, almost two years later, we work with three local business. Six of our students are currently practicing job skills in the community!

The latest business to receive our students is the Meeting Place cafe in the artistic San Blas neighborhood above the Plaza de Armas. This cafe is volunteer -run cafe that supports local missionaries and community projects in the region.

Steve Hobby, the current manager, understands the challenges we face with our students. His own daughter struggles from learning disabilities and he says he can’t imagine what it is like for parents whose children are more severely affected.

This cool cafe, bustling with tourists, offers our youth opportunities to clean tables, sweep, clear tables, wash dished and even learn how to make a good cup of coffee!

When asking our student Marly what her favorite thing was about the cafe she said “the clientele”. She is learning a few phrases in English and is proud to speak to customers.

Thank you Meeting Place cafe!

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