International Volunteering 

Unfortunately, the robust International volunteer program ran for many years has been suspended until further notice due to high health risks in Peru and the current unstable political atmosphere.  

However, we ARE excited to start building itineraries for 2022 to serve with our Ayllu partners in three different destinations in Peru and one in Mexico. We are super happy to be partnering with Key Encounters , a Seattle based travel company, to build these itineraries for our service learning trips. We will be organizing trips for families, studentsgroups and individuals as of next year.  

Contact us at  if you are interested in traveling with us in 2022!

Are you possibly interested in heading to Peru on your own? Check out Key EncountersChris can help design custom itineraries, and I just may throw in my input, too. Start planning now! (and don’t forget to mention you were referred by us.) 😊  

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