Due to the pandemic and collapse of the tourism industry in Cusco, Peru we are sorry to announce the temporary closure of Manos Unidas Cafe, a job training site for youth with special needs in the heart of Cusco city. Given that Peru continues it’s state of health emergency and the city center is boarded up like a ghost town, MUP made the decision to break the lease on the historic location.

Manos Unidas Cafe served as a window for the world to witness our students potential and see our impact first hand. More than 20 youth gained first job experience at MUC, building skills like self esteem and confidence for future employment.

I won’t lie. It was a tough endeavor! But with incredible recognition and elevation from the Intrepid Foundation, the funds to launch by the GO Campaign and hundreds of tourists who sipped a coffee at this special destination, we blazed trails and inspired the international and local community

I want to fully express my sincere gratitude to Julio Chemi who helped elevate Manos Unidas cafe. MUC’s image, brand, delicious menu and character is because of Julio. We made a great team. Hopefully we can work together again, but if not, may you be inspired to work with youth with disabilities in your future careers. Lots of love to you my friend!

We are uncertain of the what the future will bring for this project, but stay tuned . . .  it just may live again!



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