My name is Christine Edwards, and I am so grateful to be taking on the role of Board Chair for Manos Unidas International. I have been involved with Manos Unidas since I first learned about the organization in late 2015. I was immediately attracted to the mission and their approach to creating tangible and significant outcomes for the lives of children and their families in Peru.

My day job gives me the privilege of working as the Director of the Bungie Foundation, a public charity that was founded by Seattle-area video game developer, Bungie. Our mission is to reduce distress and suffering in children through entertainment technology and helping children with disabilities is something we care deeply about. We partnered with Manos Unidas for a 3-year teacher training program that better equipped them to effectively educate children with disabilities and leverage technology to improve the quality of their education. I was blown away by how far our dollars could go in Peru and by how much progress their school was able to make.

After our 3-year partnership came to an end, I could not imagine walking away from this amazing organization and jumped at the opportunity to join the board in 2019. Since then, I have been so impressed by the leadership and vision Celeste has shown in transforming Manos Unidas International into an organization that not only provides unparalleled education in Peru, but one that will leverage technology to transform the way that all children with disabilities can learn, be included, and be valued contributors to their communities. Manos Unidas has bold plans, and I am thrilled to be able to play a part in making history for people with disabilities in Latin America.

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