Manos Unidas Peru depends on Manos Unidas International for more than 50% of its funds. That is a very high ratio, creating 100% dependency on MUI for the survival of Peru’s programs. One of largest goals MUP has at the moment is to diversify revenue streams (meaning, getting support from sources other than MUI). As a part of that larger goal, MUP made the bold move to hire it’s first Development Director on the ground in Peru who will focus on the funds available from INSIDE Peru- not outside.

Manos Unidas Peru welcomes Julio Sanchez of Lima, Peru. Julio has a bachelors degree and executive certificate in Business and Administration with a focus on restaurant businesses. He was hired in May of 2019 to administer Manos Unidas Café , MUP’s social enterprise for job training, where he demonstrated greater talents than just running the café. As the café serves as a window to the world for MUP, Julio began to leverage this point on social media to produce messages of inclusion and awareness that drew attention nationwide. Some of the Cafe’s Facebook posts received up to 8,000 views! As a result, many local businesses including international travel agencies, corporate hotel chains, and large national businesses came looking for Manos Unidas Café. They wanted to see first had how people with disabilities where included in the labor force and were interested in learning more about our mission, programs… and ultimately, how they could help. Several grants were given to Manos Unidas Peru and national companies started considering Manos Unidas Peru as a potential recipient for corporate responsibility funds (which actually exist in Peru!)

As the leadership team of MUP strategized over how to reach the goal of financial health, the idea of promoting Julio from café administrator to Development Director came to mind. The café already serves as a platform for visibility and he has a growing list serve of national businesses with philanthropic and corporate money to designate to worthy causes. We offered him the promotion and he took it with open arms. Julio has a creative business mind that brings a unique perspective to the non-profit world. His focus is profit, which can help Manos Unidas reach its goal of sustainability. He brings a business focus to an educators world and is a nice complement to the organization. He has grown to love and respect the youth he manages at Manos Unidas café, aiming to create whole citizens who will successfully contribute to the community and workforce.

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