Hello, I am so excited to introduce myself and join the Manos Unidas International team. My name is Paulina Personius and I am currently completing a Master’s in Latin American Studies in Mexico City. For the past few years I have lived, worked and studied in Mexico and Central America. In that time I noticed a huge lack of appropriate accommodations, and inclusive community and learning spaces for disabled children and young adults in the region. One of my sisters is disabled, and I know how invaluable having a community that supports her, as well as inclusive programming, has been for her and my whole family.

I was drawn to Manos Unidas because I know it fills an important gap and provides services that are hard to find, both in Latin America, and for many Latinx families in the US. I love that Manos Unidas looks at the whole community supporting a disabled child, and works not just with the child, but with their family members and teachers too. At a moment in which many students´ homes have become their schools, it is more clear than ever how important investing in families is for a child’s academic success. 

In the next few months, Manos Unidas will be launching some incredible new initiatives that I cannot wait to share with you. In the meantime, I encourage you to follow our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and newsletter to stay connected!

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