While our youth in Phawarispa remain in San Sebastian, Camino Nuevo has found a new home. As part of our intention to create different spaces for our students (kids vs. youth) last fall we were actively seeking a second location. We were presented with the amazing opportunity to occupy a former geriatric clinic whose funds dwindled years ago, leaving the building rundown and vacant.  For a price we could not resist, we signed a five year rental contract open for extension. We hope to make this our permanent home.

PT/OT/Gross Motor room

The new school is located in the town of Saylla,  40 min south of Cusco city. The property measures 3,000 m2 (3/4 of an acre) and consists of a large school building for up to five classrooms, a large physical therapy/occupational therapy/gross motor room, three large offices, a huge restaurant and open grassy areas for recreation and expansion.

Offices (L), Open Green Space and Restaurant (R)

We have already greatly invested in remodeling, repairs and equipping the school (thanks to Shaklee Co. Foundation) but there is still so much more to do. Coming soon: a state-of-the-art inclusive playground! (Thanks to United Nations Women’s guild of Vienna, Austria and the Jordan Fund of Bellevue, WA). Our vision for this space will be projected with our upcoming annual appeal kicking off April 15. Stay tuned!




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