Inclusive Education Program (2011)

Manos Unidas believes that every child with a “different ability” deserves access to the regular education system and to study alongside same aged peers. Our goal is to prepare students to the best of their ability to be included within regular education classrooms based on their chronological age.




Inclusion Education Program provides the following:

27 students 4-15 years old attend school in a non-segregated educational environment where they can receive quality, personalized education based on their abilities; be pushed to their full potential and learn alongside same aged typically developing peers.

Our goal is to extinguish false beliefs, segregation, discrimination and isolation of children with special needs in Peruvian society by educating members of the education community (teachers, parents, and peers) through a variety of interactive workshops.

We educate regular education teachers for best inclusive education practices based on our own manual for best inclusive education strategies. This course will be taught and implemented within each inclusive classroom. MU inclusive classrooms are also practicum sites for local education and psychology students.

We have begun to involve the Peruvian Ministry of Education, regionally and nationally, to endorse our Inclusion program; engage MU to teach best inclusive education strategies to public school teachers and officially endorse our training curriculum.


The Inclusion Education Project is funded by:

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