Cafe Manos Unidas

An inclusive work environment that provides young people with disabilities vocational training and first job experience to increase future employability with international visibility for Manos Unidas Peru

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Cafe Manos Unidas provides:

20 Manos Unidas Peru vocational training students rotate through the cafe, learning pre-vocational skills that will prepare them for future employment

We partner with the Ministry of Work and the CONADIS (national consortium for disability) to present a variety of interactive workshops directed at 1) local businesses 2) families of youth with disabilities to encourage successful inclusive employment. 

Our goal is to extinguish false beliefs, segregation, discrimination and isolation of youth with special needs in Peruvian society by giving employment opportunities and modeling for other businesses in the community. 

Cafe MU hires a selection of youth with intellectual disabilities who have a highschool or vocational degree. Our goal is to give the youth first job experience to improve chances of future employability. 

Located in the historical Cusco city center, Cafe Manos Unidas is located on the city walking tour trail. You will find us just behind the famous 12 angled stone, a great break point while touring the city. 


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