Phawarispa Vocational Training Program (2014)

A Dr. Cynthia Project

The link between students in the educational setting and their integration into society through work experience and employment.


Phawarispa, “we run together” in Quechua language,

is a Dr. Cynthia project and funded by the Children of Peru Foundation.

It is directed at adolescents and young adults with intellectual disabilities graduating from regular  or special education schools,  special education schools or people without schooling to prepare them for  Vocational training and work inclusion in the community.

It is our goal and duty to create meaningful livelihoods for this population of students so they may become contributing members to their families and the society.


Phawarispa provides 3 distinct programs:

Teen Transition Program:

The Teen Transition program receives students between 13 and 16 years old with mild to moderate disabilities and focuses on daily living skills, social skills, artistic workshops (art, music, dance, theater), functional academics, sexual education, work skill preparation, physical activity and independence in the home and community.  The program maintains an inclusive focus, using the community as a classroom operating the program in natural context environments and incorporating typically developing peers and community members within daily activities.


Young Adult Vocational Training:

The Vocational Training program receives students 17-25 years old with mild to moderate disabilities and consist of several years of exclusive preparation for a specific vocational trade. The program offers students one of two work categories (supported or competitive employment) based on the ability of the student and works within three sectors within their natural environments: Housekeeping, Cafe and Horticulture.  The program also offers a community awareness piece for parents, community members and employers.


Functional Life Skills for Teens or Youth:

The Functional Life Skills program is directed at teens and youth 13-25 years old with significant disabilities to teach them independent skills that will contribute towards their home and community environment. Students also assume responsibilities within the school setting, participate in community outings and projects in the organic garden.

Goals for 2016:
  • To launch of our own Student Run Cafe open every Friday to the public. The cafe will be 100% student run (and teacher supported)  including the food preparation, table service, bussing, cleaning, money management and reception of guests.
  • To initiate our Garden Project: build a greenhouse to source our own food for student and tourist lunches, cultivate the flower garden for Student Cafe and sale of organic products to guests in Cafe.
  • Formalize partnerships with  (2) hotels  and  (2) cafes  in the community where students can 1) be placed for practicum experiences 2) be employed in the future



Foundations and Partners:

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