As part of Ayllu’s community engagement opportunities we are proud to offer two open forum with specialists in the coming month — open to the public! These are opportunities for participating families —and you— to hear from experts on a variety of topics. *Forums will be hosted in Spanish with an English translation channel on Zoom.

“Teaching through Music” with Talia Morales
Date: Wednesday, August 11th @  6pm PST

Talia Morales, a music therapist with Coast Music Therapy and San Diego Unified in San Diego, CA., will be teaching practical ways to incorporate music, rhythm and song into a child’s learning.  Born in Peru, Talia uses her musical talents to teach reading, writing, and daily living skills to children on the autism spectrum and with related disabilities. She is about to launch a Spanish curriculum for families, and we invite you meet her and learn about her work. Sign up for the August 11th forum here.

“All Behavior is Communication” with Dr. Andrew Gardner
Date: Wednesday, August 25th @ 6pm PST

Andrew Gardner, an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry at the University of Arizona,  will be speaking about how all behavior is communication. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Dr. Gardner is specialized in Functional Communication Training –the science of teaching a child to communicate rather than engage in inappropriate behavior and will bring his expertise to the the table. We are proud to be working with him! Sign up for the August 25th forum here.

Join us in the Camino Nuevo Classroom!

Virtual Camino Nuevo Class Meet and Greet
Date: Friday, August 20th @  12:00pm PST

Join us in one of our virtual Camino Nuevo classrooms! We’re hosting a virtual class meet and greet so that you can see our amazing teachers in action. This is a chance to see for yourself how they’ve adapted to all of the changes that the pandemic has brought to schools across Peru. The virtual tour will engage participants in a mock class session with Professors Juana and Izayda, and give people the chance to ask  teachers, parents, and some students questions. If you would like to join our meet and greet, please sign up here.


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