Kusiyaya (ku-see- yay- ya) is a 7 year old student of Manos Unidas. Enrolled three years ago, Kusi could not speak and spent most of her days crying hysterically.

Children’s Spanish lullabies from a cell phone were the only thing that calmed her down, holding the phone close to her ear while rhythmically rocking back and forth.

Kusi was one of the 18 studentsand the only girl,  who participated in the Autism Education Training program based on Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis directed by Mapy Chavez with Manos Unidas Peru since March of 2016. The program has certified 14 MUP professionals in autism education + ABA.

As MUP is about to finish its 10th school year, we are proud to announce that Kusi, under the direction of teacher Beatrice Tello, is fluidly reading 3-5 word sentences. She orders food off of restaurant menus, reads signs in public, asks her mother questions about books and is speaking fluidly.

She still loves music- mostly Latin beat songs- and flashes dance moves every chance she gets. But now she can ask for her favorite song and hey, maybe one day she will write the lyrics!


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