On November 21, MU teachers got the opportunity to publicly shine. Mixed emotions of nervousness+ excitement filled the air as more than 100 people gathered in a local church to hear about the achievements MU has made with our students this year. Guest presenter and Autism Education program director, Dr. Mapy Chavez, hosted the evening.

The idea of the exposition was to share the achievements made by Camino Nuevo’s Autism Education Diploma program based on principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in which 14 teachers have participated in over the last 2 years.

Each teacher showed a short video of BEFORE the diploma program (March of 2016) and currently progress (November, 2017). It was incredible to see the difference in our students and the progress being made. Kids have said their first words, some carry on full conversations, others no initiate play with peers in a regular school setting.

As part of the seminar, we held a parents panel. Mapy got the chance to interview three parents whose children are in the program, asking them what changes they have seen in their sons and daughters. It was probably the most powerful moment of the evening. Parents empowering parents!

The evening ended with a live interview of one our students in the inclusion program, a previously recorded interview, about his experience as a person with autism in the school environment. Richard (9) rated his experience a “90%” compared to other schools at “45%” happiness rate.  🙂

The reality: kids are learning at an extraordinary rate,parents are supportive and we are educating much more than just a few kids with autism. We are educating an entire community!


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