Join Manos Unidas’ Executive Director in Peru this spring.  Global Family Travels has partnered with Manos Unidas Peru and Awamaki, a global women’s weaving org,  to offer their first Social Impact Trip to Peru. Want to come?

This trip will combine top tourist destinations like Machu Picchu,  Easter celebrations in the imperial Inca city of Cusco and unique experiences that NO other travel agency offers. Play a game of soccer with Manos Unidas students, meet our youth working at Manos Unidas Café, participate in a rural woman’s weaving workshop and sleep overnight in a rural Quechya village.
There is no better way to experience Peru than with MUI’s founder, Celeste Marion, who has lived and walked the land for more than 15 years.

The Trip is  April 11-19. Already set on going? BOOK HERE!

This is Manos Unidas first social impact trip, a meaningful and mutually beneficial experience for all. Welcome!

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