Manos Unidas Peru had the pleasure of receiving eight University of Washington Global Rehabilitation Organization of Washington (GROW) students and three clinical supervisors in September, 2018. The team was the first interdisciplinary team of Physical therapy, Occupational Therapy and P&O students also making this the largest student team ever to visit MUP!

The team participated in a two week professional / cultural immersion program focused on global rehabilitation, and recreation for children and youth with disabilities.

The diverse team of men and women engaged in school physical therapy sessions, rural home visits with partnering DPO’s (disabled personas organizations), local home visits with Manos Unidas families and led a short recreation program with Camino Nuevo elementary students to encourage movement and physical activity. The team also led a family inservice day for each CN classroom.

The UW  team also enjoyed a tourist weekend to Macchu Picchu and an alternative visit to a local Andean community above Pisaq, Peru.

The team was extremely organized, enthusiastic and hard working. They were a joy to have at Manos Unidas and we are so thankful for their support. Thank you GROW for your love for global rehabilitation, research and learning!

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