University of Washington Special Needs Professionals Host Educational Conference for Cusco Professionals and Community

On August 25, more than 350 people packed the Cusco municipal auditorium to attend Manos Unidas first “International Conference on Practices and Strategies for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities”. MU was awarded a grant from the University of Washington’s Global Innovation Fund (GIF), allowing six inter disciplinary UW professionals to come to Cusco to perform 1) a program evaluation of our significant disabilities program and 2) co-host an international symposium.

The symposium was a great success, drawing a crowd of  teachers, psychologists, social workers, school administrators, family members and other people who directly work with children or adults with disabilities. The participants traveled from all over the region of Cusco to gain new insight for this special population. Topics presented derived from the six different fields of professionals represented in the Symposium: Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Recreational Therapy, Special Education, Prosthesis & Orthosis  and Speech and Language.  

The event greatly aligns with the MU mission to create inclusive societies. The two day conference ended with all participants uniting hands and chanting “we are in this fight together”. The symposium was Manos Unidas second public event following a smaller symposium for autism education in 2010.

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