In September, Manos Unidas welcomed University of Washington Doctorate of Physical Therapy students for the 4th consecutive year. GROW, the student chapter of the university’s global rehabilitation department, once again impressed.

Four second -year doctorate of PT students and two long time PT professionals, engaged in a two week intensive professional and cultural immersion volunteer experience. The two weeks included direct work alongside our resident physical therapist, learning co-treating methods and interventions with a hands-on learning opportunity. When the students were not working with the PT, they were in the classrooms supporting classroom staff with ideas for easily transitioning students, helping with transfers and adapting equipment.

Other activities included home visits both of MU students and other partnering organizations, supporting families with suggestions for home and improving quality of life.

One of the highlights of this year’s trip was a community workshop the team hosted to more than 40 members of our community. The students did a wonderful job teaching about simple adaptations to equipment that can be made with home-found materials and had an opportunity to personally consult individual families and professional teams from other special education schools.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with volunteers from the University of Washington!

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