Social Impact Travel
for Families & Groups

Open to all groups of families, friends, companies or organizations interested in participating in a short term volunteer experience.

Perfect for all kinds of groups:

school, church, women, corporate or families!

Our Group Volunteer Program is a perfect option to insert within an itinerary for organized trips to Peru!

Volunteers will participate in a hands-on organized work project such as painting, light construction, maintenance, or work in our large organic garden. Volunteers will also be able to participate with students in recreational, vocational, or artistic activities (art, music, our cafe / kitchen, sports, and more). Small groups may have the opportunity to spend time with students in the classroom.

Families & Friends


Corporate Service Days

Duration: 1-5 days

Program Donation: TBD


  • Pre-Departure preparation
  • Cultural orientation and introduction
  • Tour of Manos Unidas Peru
  • Organization of specific activity
  • Direct donation to Manos Unidas


  • Accommodation with a local Peruvian family (maximum of 10 people)
  • Group Breakfast or Lunch in our student-run “Manos Unidas Cafe”
  • Organized Trips to Machu Picchu or other local cultural sites
  • Arranged Group Spanish Lessons with Private Instructor

Announcing our New Partner:

Global Family Travels

Manos Unidas and Global Family Travels are partnering to host Social Impact Travel experiences to groups wishing to have meaningful service learning trips to Peru.

Manos Unidas will be hosting this 9-day journey August 21-30, 2019 and April 10-19, 2020, incorporating volunteer days with the school, cafe, and family homes.  A portion of the trip’s cost will be donated directly to Manos Unidas.

Program Options

2 week immersion program for organized student groups

Students participate in a full cultural and educational immersion program incorporating hours within the classrooms, specialists and staff. Participation with teacher/parent workshops, home visits, rural area visits with collaborating organizations, visit to orphanage, tours to local ruin sites and Machu Picchu.

Residential program for individuals (30-60 days)

Students select a program focus and create a specific project based on their area of interest and field of study.  Students may participate in teacher or parent inservice days, visit student homes and rural communities.

Internship site for undergrad, graduate & doctorate students (30-90 days)

Based on previous collaboration with the your university. Interns will select a program focus and create a specific project based on their area of interest and field of study.  Interns may participate with or host teacher/parent inservice days, visit student homes and rural communities.

Volunteer program will be individually project based depending on skill set, expertise and area of interest.

Volunteer hours can be spent across any of Manos Unidas Peru Programs or working with the Peruvian Board of Directors, leadership team or community based Disabled Persons Organizations and service providers.  

Duration: 14 days – 6 months

March – December (School is closed Dec 21-March 1)

Accommodation: Volunteers will be housed in an independent apartment in the home of a Peruvian family. Meals will be served in the family’s home.  The apartment is fully furnished with one bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, living room and dining room table. Wi-fi is included. Vegetarian options are available.


Application Fee: $150

Coordination fee: $500

Food + Housing: $180/week

Ready to get started?

Reserve your spot and volunteer with one of the pioneering non-profits in all of Peru!


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