Volunteer Experiences


A few stories from some of our favorite volunteers

Volunteer Intern Experience: Alecia Harris

"My experience here has been life-changing. I have learned to be patient with myself and others as I was embraced by a new culture and language, and my compassion and understand have grown immeasurably. This is an experience I recommend to anyone interested in working...

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UW Physical Therapy Students Volunteer with Manos Unidas

In September, Manos Unidas welcomed University of Washington Doctorate of Physical Therapy students for the 4th consecutive year. GROW, the student chapter of the university's global rehabilitation department, once again impressed. Four second -year doctorate of PT...

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Volunteer Experience at Manos Unidas

Alice Grimmelsmen: Bi-lingual Speech and Language Pathologist shares her experience Alice is a bi-lingual SLP from Denver, CO. She dedicated hours of time this summer to assessing some of students for Alternative Communication Devices and training staff on their...

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Family Volunteer Experience: Cusco, Peru

Susie Nancify and Children  June, 2017  (1 week immersion) Susie set off to South America to give her children (ages 10, 9 and 7) a 3 week cultural immersion experience in Peru. She endured travelling alone with her children in a developing country (only accompanied...

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Volunteer Experience: Gouck Siblings

My two siblings and I spent one school week working with the students, teachers, and staff of Manos Unidas. In our time there, we were able to witness first hand the time, care, and dedication that is delivered to each individual student. We were inspired by the...

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Volunteer Experience: Casey Shea

Casey Shea Masters of Special Education student, University of Washington, Seattle, WA "While volunteering with Manos Unidas in Cusco, Peru I experienced first-hand the rich educational environment and high quality services available to the children, supporting them...

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Volunteer Experience : Joy Shiba

My experience volunteering with Manos Unidas was nothing short of amazing! It was one of the best experiences of my life thus far. While volunteering at the school, I got the opportunity to work with children with severe disabilities in both a classroom and physical...

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Volunteer Experience : Anna Watkins

This summer my sister and I got the chance to spend two months living in Cusco and volunteering at Manos Unidas school. I am currently an Occupational Therapy student so it was great to get lots of experience working with youth with disabilities. I learned a lot and...

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