A typical high school student starts thinking about their future at 16 years old. Where will they go to college, what they want to be. A doctor? A Fireman? A Dentist? A pro sports player?

What about student with limitations? What are their options? A person who can not read will not be applying to medical school, so what will they do? Well, Manos Unidas has been researching this question for the past few years, visiting and observing young adult programs around the U.S and Latin America and consulting with professionals in the field.

Cusco currently does not have ANY youth vocational training programs for people with disabilities, preparing them for transition into the work force. We will launch the FIRST.

The Manos Unidas Youth Job Skills Training Program has been in its starter phase and will launch both locally in Cusco and abroad for publicity and funding in August, in the second semester of the school year. We currently have 9 students in the program and will be aiming for 15 by the end of the year. Our goals are to integrate the students into community vocational training programs with internships in local businesses based on their preparation. We see our students with distinct Abilities not Disabilities and our mission now is to place them where they can use these abilities to the best of their potential within the typical vocational education system and work placements within the community.

Stay tuned for our big launch in August!

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